Three Tips To Curb Your Scottish Terrier Barking Habit

Published: 22nd October 2009
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Are you looking for ways to definitely eliminate your Scottish Terrier's annoying barking habit?

It's not rocket science, in fact it is quite easily achieved once you understand the reasons why he is barking and take the best approach to it. Yelling back at him is certainly not the best approach...

Barking is as natural for your Scottish terrier as speaking is for us humans. Barking is his way of communicating with you, with other dogs and with the world around him. Normal, instinctive barking by no means should be completely inhibited through training.

What must be suppressed through appropriate training is unwanted, excessive barking that turns out to be a problem for you and for your neighbors. Very few things can be as annoying as a dog that keeps non-stop barking all the time.

Did you know that you can be responsible for your Scottie's excessive barking?

Like all dogs, your Scottish terrier barks for some reason. Due to his hunting origins he will bark when he sees other animals and also strangers or visitors that come to your home. He may also bark when he is hungry or thirsty or when he is in a confined place and needs to go out to relieve himself.

Boredom caused by lack of activity or exercise and loneliness is also a frequent cause of an unwanted barking habit.

Finally, your Scottie may bark to get your attention. And if you do pay attention to him you are encouraging him to repeat his barking every time he wants your attention, which may be quite frequent.

Successful training your Scottish terrier is not only about teaching him basic commands but also correcting misbehaviors and bad habits.

Correcting bad habits does require consistency and patience. Your Scottie will need to be reprimanded every single time he misbehaves, preferably using the exact same words.

Here are three simple tips that will help you curb your Scottie's barking habit:

1. Keep him busy with regular exercise and toys he can play with.

2. If possible, remove or hide what causes him to bark.

3. When he barks begging your attention, do not pay attention to him, do not even look at him. Instead say a firm "quiet" or "stop barking" command, followed by a reward or praise if he stops barking.

As with any training, curbing your Scottish terrier's barking habit will require patience and consistency but the final result will be a well-behaved dog you can be proud of.

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